The battle of Gergovia 1

With the first campaign in Britannia unsuccessful , caesar was eager to return and conquer this island again.Simultaneously , the military situation in Rome and gaul was complicated . Caesars ambitions created many enemies against him . As numbers of his opponents seemed to rapidly grow , caesar was pushed to the brink.

After sorting out organisational problems in 54BC,Caesar began planning a second campaign in Britain .

Almost 600 transports and 28 warships were constructed . Implementing vinetti ship building techniques better suited to the rough seas . Caesar called on his Gallic allies and vassals (holders of land)and brought together 4000 cavalry including tribal leaders.Once again supporting his army and minimising the risk of a rebellion in gaul. He left half of his cavalry and three legions behind . Caesar then crossed the sea to Britain with 5 legions and 2000 cavalry- more than double his previous numbers- this was going to be a full invasion.

Caesar landed at the same place as before but this time no one fought back…

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